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Movie suggestion – 80’s Tom Cruise

April 14, 2012

Today I was unsure as to how you spell the word “cocktail”. And of course I googled it, finding that it was indeed spelled “cocktail”.

But what the search also revealed to me was an old movie from 1988, staring Tom Cruise when his face was all cute and chubby. The movie – ironically – was called “Cocktail”.


The VHS-cover says it all. It oozes of 80’s rock and roll! The way he is standing, the three glasses on the table, the PINKEVERYWHERE theme (like in the new movie Drive from 2011), and the cheesy line:

When he pours, he reigns.

Image(Tom Cruise and Co-star Elisabeth Shue)


(Look at that bouncy 80’s hair!)


(Tom Cruise at his best – mixing drinks)

The cover being VHS says everything. There’s so much nostalgia!


I will definitely be watching this soon,

and if anyone knows any good, older movies, don’t hesitate to share!*

– Cheers

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