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Wind in the Willows

April 15, 2012

Just a quick post;

My ‘read’ at the moment is the children’s book “the Wind in the Willows“. This post is merely a recommendation.

The book is an extraordinary piece of literature. With every character an extreme description of the human personality – the wise and clever, the one with responsibility, the laid-back and down-to earth – and the horribly wild touch of recklessness and boldness that we all have inside us.

I would recommend “the Wind in the Willows” to anyone who would like to relax with a piece of literature not only intented to portray the human personality and the choices any man must make once in a while. It is also a great deal of fun to read, and it gives me this sort of calm joy just to read a single line.

I will write a review of the book, when I’ve read it through, because I feel it wouldn’t be appropriate to rate it when I’m not finished – even though I have a pretty good idea which grade it would get.

A short review from

Wealthy, spoiled Toad has a way of getting his friends in trouble, especially when he gets a motor car, but he can always count on Mole, Water Rat, and Badger to get him out again. A timeless classic for generations, though rather difficult for many of today’s children. Benson’s illustrations are adequate, but add nothing new.

(I think this is the original book, since it is also the original illustrater)

My version is in Danish, though, because I bought it on sale for like 4 bucks. It’s called “Vinden i Piletræerne” in Danish. I’ll be writing a short review when I’m finished with it, and will put up an additional picture of my own version.

– Cheers

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