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The 10 most annoying things about phone calls

April 19, 2012

I called my father today when going home, which made me think of all the annoying things I associate phone calls with. I thought a lot about it and finally came up with what I think are the worst things about having a phone and using it:

1. “Hey, it’s me!”

You know, me!

People who automatically assume you are familiar with whom they are, annoy me.  What if I don’t know? So many things can go wrong, if you just assume, you are talking to the right person.
What if I’m not the person, you want to talk to? If you got the number wrong? You might end up telling me some extremely personal things before realizing your mistake…

2. Bad connection

That’s a real killer. You’re having a great conversation, when suddenly:
*krrkkcchh* having *hcckkfff* dre- *chhhrrrrgg* … what do you think?
And you’re completely baffled, not knowing what to answer, because let’s face it: When you ask them “can you please repeat that?” it will happen all over again!

3. Auch, that burns!

When I’m talking for a long time on my phone, my ear gets warm. No, hot. And wet. No, sweaty. And when I take it off my ear the screen is all foggy from the heat. It’s gross and impractical and all in all a bummer!

4. Where is it?

When you have a mobile phone, or a wireless phone at home, you leave it all kinds of places! It’s somewhere in there – the house – you know it. But when you really need to call your parents and reconfirm that they are indeed supposed to come tomorrow, or when you’re too lazy to cook and want to order something – where is the damn phone?
It’s pretty much the same principle as missing the remote control. This one’s just your lifeline to the outside world!

5. “the device is out of battery”

Number 4 leads us on to the next super annoying thing about phones – they don’t charge themselves!
Sure; if you have one of those awesome retro/vintage phones with a cable hanging in curls from it, you’re really not having that problem – but really – how many of us have that sort of phone? My grandparents do, but I don’t know who else!
And I have to tell you: It’s pretty hard to put the phone in a charger, if you can’t find it!

6. People who  can’t control their face!

I’m not talking about looking funny. I’m talking about people who hang up on you, because their phone has a touch screen and they move their face around, pushing buttons they shouldn’t be pushing!

Or people (like me) who have one of the old fashioned real-buttons phone, and who are somehow able to click on the buttons with their face! While talking! It gives me the biggest shock ever, when I hear that horribly loud beeeeeeeeeeep sound!

7. “yeah, yeah, I’m listening….”

This is possibly the most disrespectful thing ever; Doing something else while talking, without making you aware of it.
I talked on the phone with a guy the other day. He sounded very aware of what I was saying, he was very quiet. Until I had to stop and think about something and heard the unmistakable sound of a car driving very fast.
“Are you playing GTA?”
“Uhm… yeah…”

So rude!

8. Having it on speaker

I know it’s really fancy and practical, if you’re cooking or using the computer, and I really like doing it myself. It makes everything so much easier. However, it is very annoying when you talk to someone who has you on speaker phone, because they’re voice doesn’t quiet sound as bright and clear as it normally does.

9. It’s not free!

You can’t buy a phone for free. You can’t subscribe to something without paying for it, and that sucks. That’s why programs like Skype, Ventrilo, and instant messaging is awesome. Facebook has also gotten that new video-chat thing. I suppose that’s usable, too!

10. There’s just some things you can’t tell others on the phone

And that’s a fact! You can’t break up with someone.That’s

thoughtless and rude.
You can’t show people things.
You can’t use your body language – a very important part of conversing with others.

You can’t look people in the eye. People can lie on the phone much easier than in real life. It’s harder to “see” through people. That’s probably the most annoying part of it.

Talking to a machine is just not the same as talking to someone in person!

So – what do you think are the most annoying things about phone calls?
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