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Confessions of a coffeeholic

April 24, 2012

Everyone has a kind of addiction. If it’s shopping, eating, drinking, smoking, taking drugs – it’s something you wouldn’t live without. I have an addiction as well: Coffee.

Forming an addiction

Often it starts out innocently enough. My addiction started when my father quit his job and suddenly had tons of free time at home. He drinks a lot of coffee, and he drank even more back then. So he would make a pot of coffee and go to my room and say “honey, there’s coffee in the pot.”
And I would go and drink a cup – or two – or three. I would put in a lot of sugar, because I didn’t like the bitterness – and I still don’t, and a lot of milk also, both to make it cooler and better tasting.

That’s how it began. I drank it because I liked it, not because I needed it, and the addiction kind of crept into my life without me really knowing about it.

It just tastes good!

There’re lots of pros about drinking coffee;

The smell – of newly brewed coffee in the morning. There’s nothing better!

It’s time consuming, so if there’s nothing else to do, you could always make a pot and drink some. Then there’s also the socializing. I have a “coffee buddy” with whom I buy coffee a couple of times a week. It’s very nice to have someone else having the same “problem” as you. Not only do you not look like a total lunatic buying coffee all the time – you’ve also got someone to talk to while doing it!

And there’s no denying it; it really does give you a boost in the morning!

Addiction gone bad

The problem occurs when you start using your addiction for emotional purposes. I’m talking about getting in a better mood. I have once in my life bought coffee at school because I had a bad day. I was literally sad when I arrived at school, and I ended up buying coffee, thinking it would make me happier.

That’s a red stop sign!

In my personal opinion it’s a real addiction when you can’t function without it. It’s a very unhealthy addiction if you cannot be happy without having and using the “product”. I only did it once, and I promised myself never to do it again, because when you begin doing that, there’s no stopping you. You’ll end up being miserable if you don’t get your “fix” and that’s a bad turn to take.

Not to mention the withdrawal symptoms. You get tired, you get edgy. I once tried to switch the coffee with orange juice, because it’s also rich on energy. It didn’t work out well…

I think I’ll just stick with my “easy to get to” addiction. It’s not like it’s expensive and hard to get to. Imagine selling coffee on the streets like coke or ecstasy. Now that would be something!
What’s your addiction?

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