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The Avengers review – no spoilers

April 30, 2012

As I said in a recent post, I would be watching the Avengers this past weekend, and I did. And it was amazing.

There were lots of explosions, lots of drama, lost of action – the only downside was the 3D effects.

They weren’t that visible, only in the beginning, which is kind of lame. That’s what they do:
They make great 3D effects in the beginning so that you’ll think “wow, this really IS cool!”

And then again in the end so you’ll remember the film as a good execution of 3D. More like an execution of entertainment if you ask me – I’m not that fond of it. And I know people who wear glasses hate it too, so could they please come up with something more practical?
Lots of explosions! O.M.G.

And the plot was amazing as well. I’m not going to being talking too much in fear some might be angry about spoilers. But it was really well executed, so I give it 8 starts out of 10. It would have gotten 9 or 8½ but it wasn’t possible to watch it in 2D and that’s a bummer, so that draws down the score.

All in all an amazing and EPIC movie! If you like action and superheroes, you should definitely go watch it!


Did you watch it?
What do you think this far?

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