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Why I kind of hate umbrellas

June 16, 2012

You can find them in black and white, yellow, blue, navy, mixed and rainbow colored, even Hello Kitty – you can find them in every color!

But there’s something I absoutely hate about them. And I’ve never seen an umbrella without it.

That flappy piece of fabric hanging from it that you use to tighten it up with when it’s folded.

Guy de Jean

 This umbrella from Guy de Jean (which they frankly don’t make any more, I think) is actually really pretty. It has a beautiful design in that vintage kind of way. The handle, for instance, is really classically beautiful with the white color. It looks almost like a miniature pillar.
But that piece of fabric.
It’s so bloody annoying! And you can’t avoid it; at one point you’ll have turned the umbrella so that it’s directly in front of your eyes.
I can’t take it!
I do love umbrellas aside for that, but I guess you just can’t have everything, huh?
– Cheers
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