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Saint Ralph – one of the most heartwarming movies I ever saw

June 17, 2012

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Ralph is a 14 year old boy attending a catholic boarding school for boys. He has many “sinful” thoughts about women and satisfaction and is put in his place several times by his strict headmaster. After an incident in the local swimming pool, nobody really wishes to talk to him.

His mother is in the hospital, and suddenly goes into a coma, while Ralph tries to tell her about the incident, leaving him to himself with no relatives. The nurse, with whom he has formed a friendly connection, tells him the doctors say, it will take a miracle for her to wake up again.

And a miracle, Ralph will find.

Because of his dirty teenage mind and wild behavior (Ralph: “I am destined to greatness!”) he is put on a cross-country running team to take his mind off the sinful things in life. As a real catholic, he has to stop thinking sinfully, start praying and believing – or he will go to hell, when he dies.

Ralph discovers a peek hole into the girls’ shower room. Who knows what will happen?

Running for the cross country team makes him lust for something else, though – the Boston Marathon. And he wishes to participate. But the friendly, controversial teacher and priest Father George Hibbert tells him, that for him to win the Boston Marathon would take a miracle.

So if Ralph wins the Marathon, his mother will wake from her coma.

… Right?

Ready to take on the run of his life

A heart-warming story, great acting and funny one-liners make this film one of my new favorites. It is sweet, believable and very preaching in a very mild way – it tells many very true things about life and death, and you think more about everything when you are finished watching it, that’s for sure. I would recommend it to anyone but those who resent religion – Christianity and a wholehearted belief in God does take up much of the film, but in a good way.

It is moving, thrilling, sad and funny and I will admit to be crying several times. A must see for any sucker for love and drama!

And I cried… I know it probably gets old, but I did, and it was wonderful. It wasn’t because of sadness or anything – it was beautiful and breathtaking. If you are an easy crier, you’ll know exactly what I mean, when you watch it – I bet you cried at the same moment!

– Cheers!

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