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She and Him – the best music I ever heard

June 28, 2012

I have been listening to alternative music choices lately, including bands like Relient K, The Naked and Famous and College, but one that I’ve stuck with for a long time now is beautiful She and Him.

Zooey Deschanel and Matt Ward work together on making the most romantic, bittersweet music, I ever heard.

The lyrics are often sad and melancholic but sung with such happiness and calm joy that it makes every bad thing in life seem like nothing.

It’s like a hyena pooping rainbows! Pure magic!

Listen to the angelic sound of Zoey, singing about lost love and hurt. It’s simply mesmerizing.

On their own homepage it says – quite rightfully:

“She & Him make music for an eternal springtime, when the temperature is warm enough to go riding with the top rolled down and the radio turned up. They occupy an alternate universe where the saddest of songs feel as warm as sun showers; the rain may be coming down, but somewhere nearby, everything looks bright.”

To me, this is some of the best music, because you get to really digest the fact that yeah, things may look dull some times, and might not go your way, but hey! Life goes on, and if you show the world your best smile, that’s what you’ll get in return. Even on rainy days!

Do you know any awesome, powerful, romantic or cool bands?

  1. I love She & Him too. Great summary of their musical style. 🙂

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