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Breaking broken dreams

September 15, 2012

Of pride and arrogance,

You have never lacked,

And your thirst for triumph,

Takes you through a forest.


A cover of broken dreams,

Lying across the ground,

Like dead autumn leaves,

Cracking under your feet.


Every breeze a mourn of sorrow,

For every thing undone,

Every wisp of air, reminding,

Of all things regretted.


Running through the forest,

Searching for escape,

Slamming tired feet hard onto the ground,

Breaking broken dreams to pieces.


Looking forward, light ahead!

The last branches hurting, scratching,

Looking back and brushing off leaves,

Never realizing, you were the one,
Breaking all the dreams.

  1. Nineteenfifteen permalink

    beautiful, really.

  2. This is wonderful, Pernille. Thank you so much for sharing šŸ™‚

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