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the apple

September 17, 2012

You walk through the garden.

Paradise birds sing around you,

And the sun warms your golden body.

You are naked.



In the distance you see a tree,

With a dragging power so strong,

That you mechanically walk towards it,

Without knowing



When you step closer, you notice that the tree is full of fruit.

And you feel the power radiating from it,

You feel that it’s important.

But you have no idea how valuable it is,

To me.


You see him sitting in the tree,

Slung around a fruit he sits.

His eyes are black as coal,

They stare right through you.

Around him fruit sparkle in the sun,

Blood red and smooth.

Heart shaped apples,

“Would you like a taste?”


You shake your head and laugh.

Because you know, that you must never do

What He told you never to do.

But he, who sits in the tree,

Smile at you and motion for you to step closer.

And you cannot resist.

You are merely a naïve child,

In a woman’s body.

“Come only, my beauty, my darling,

Only one little bite?”


And the paradise birds scream.

Warningly, frightened,

To remind you,

That you must never see them again,

If you are tempted, if you are weak.


He urges you with glowing eyes,

‘Till you with hammering heart steps forward.

He bewitches you with his hissing voice,

His gleaming eyes.

You grab the Sin with steady hands,

Never do you look from he,

Who hangs above the sin like a snake,

You hand closes around the read sin,

My heart.

The Apple.


My chest hurts, when it breaks off of the tree of knowledge.

Of my innocence.

And you lead it to your red mouth,

Which shall mark me forever.

And when you lips touch the peel,

You taste the flavour on your tongue.

The dizzying longing, the sweet taste of guilt,

Your heart beats fast, and with closed eyes,

You take a bite.


My entire being aches, because you have ripped out my heart.

You have ruined a part of me.

You have damaged my purity.

And with a passionate sigh you chew on me,

You hold tight the ruined heart,

Because you have realised something,

That to you seems wonderful,

But will to me be an eternal pain.


He laughs.

And you look at him dazed.

What have you done?

He smiles, and your knees shake, while your stomach clenches.


For more of my innocence.

You have stolen my virtue,

Smothering it with dirt,

Made it filthy, with you ignorance, your animalistic lust,

Your stupidity.


I trusted you.

I put my life and my fate in your hand,

And you let me down.

You took from me something I will never get back,

Led by desire you put me at risk,

For something as simple,

As a blood red apple.


You are punished.

You shall give birth in shattering pain

And live at your husband’s mercy,

But so shall I.


Thus shall I and my daughter and my daughter’s daughter,

For a crime that was never ours.

For something we never did.



Why, Eve, did you not listen to your Father?

Why did you disappoint him?
Why did you do me wrong?


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