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Just Another Friday Night (15+)

August 14, 2012

Another night another bar,
Left the keys and left the car,
People come from near and far,
Tonight you’re gonna be a star.

Killer heels, a belt to match,
Oh the boys you’re gonna catch!
Ruby lipstick, snatch their breath,
Your eyes of blue will be their death.

Buy a drink, take sip,
Lick your full and blood red lip,
Lock those eyes on your prey,
Looks like it’s your lucky day.

He looks fine, burning hot,
Show him all the stuff you got,
Beckon him, will you dance?
A little innocent romance.

And how you dance, how you move,
Stir and shift, will he approve?
When the song fades out, he blink,
Would you like another drink?

Yes, you say, with a purr,
He gives you one drink, two drinks, more,
You drink until your throat is sore,
‘Till your vision is obscure.

You show him all there is to see,
An awful tipsy smile of glee,
He pulls you in a hug and says,
Why don’t we go home to my place?

While you walk you hold his hand,
‘Cause you’re unable to stand,
And when you reach his door you fall,
On to the ground, against the wall.

You feel ill, you moan in pain,
And you try to stand, in vain,
Stick a finger down your throat,
And vomit all over your coat.

He doesn’t care, he pulls you close,
Kiss you hard on the mouth,
You gasp and writher, he’s so strong,
And he pulls you right along.

The bedroom’s small, his lips are wet,
You nervously begin to sweat,
He says – you’re such a cute brunette,
This is a night, you won’t forget.

Your eyes they widen; let me go!
I don’t want this anymore!
He only laughs; it hits your core,
“You’re such a dirty little whore.”

You’re on the bed, it’s all a trick!
You try escaping, he’s too quick,
Suddenly you’re all locked up,
Begging him to please just stop.

He tells you no, you had your chance,
Don’t come up to me and dance,
If you’re not ready to comply,
I’m just not that kind of guy.

He rips your jeans off, then your shirt,
You’re so completely filled with hurt,
You cry, you writher, off it goes,
Now you’re naked to your toes.

He climbs on top of you and hisses,
That you wanted this, all along,
He smears you face and chest with kisses,
And you whimper as he goes.

Now it stops, you think he’s done,
But he’s not, oh how you’re wrong,
He’s just preparing for the show,
You’re honoured guest, on the front row.

You realise what he’s gonna do,
You widen up your eyes of blue,
And you scream out hard in vain,
As you feel the crushing pain.

He slams into you quick and hard,
You realise It’s just the start,
You try to fight but he’s so strong,
And he just keeps on going on.

He thrusts and thrusts, it hurts so much,
You scream due to his brutal touch,
You cry and cry in aching sorrow,
Wondering about tomorrow.

He keeps going, panting, moaning,
Then he stops. . .
And falls without a warning,
You lay still, afraid to move.

He rises from your injured soul,
Leaving traces of himself,
It seems that he has reached his goal,
But you have never felt so cold.

He lifts you up, limp as you are,
And throw you on his porch,
And drop your clothes, close the door,
“I hope we’ll meet again, whore.”

As you lay there in the cold,
You wonder – was it truth he told?
Was is your own naïve mistake,
That brought upon you such an ache?

As you lay there in the mud,
You wonder, are you just a slut?
Did you, or did you not, ask for more?
You dirty little whore.

Sorry I’ve been away for so long, and then starting off again with this!

What do you think?

  1. This is a beautiful read. Would you consider writing 5 things for my blog and I will reference you. See what you think.

  2. This took me off guard. You really captured what I imagine is that uncertain feeling of what is going on in a situation like this. There’s a couple lines that don’t rhyme and I feel like a lot of the poem’s power came from the dance of it all, so I would work on those if you can. But really good stuff.

    • Thank you! That means a lot, because it was exactly what I was trying to get through.
      I was trying to make them rhyme, and had a lot of troubles with it, but I think looking back on it soon will make it easier. It’s harder when you’re sitting right in the middle of it.

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